thoughts and learnings in software engineering by Rotem Tamir


Hi, I’m Rotem Tamir (38),

  • Father of 2, located near Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • Co-founder and CTO of Ariga.
  • Previously Data Platform Architect and Platform Tech-lead at Nexar
  • Previously team lead at ironSource data solutions.

Find me on the internet:

Public Speaking

Every now and then I get on a stage and talk about things. Some of my notable appearances:

Updating Databases the GitOps Way KubeCon North-America, 2023

A talk which I co-presented in ArgoCon (part of KubeCon NA) with Kostis Kapelonis of CodeFresh. In it we explore the different ways people have been using to deploy database migrations in Kubernetes and present a truly GitOps-based solution: The Atlas Kubernetes Operator.

Avoid Toll Roads: Deploying Declarative Database Schema Changes DevOpsDays Madrid, 2023

In this talk from DevOpsDays Madrid 2023, I dive into the Declarative Model and explore the question: can it be applied to managing databases?

Introducing Atlas DDL: An HCL-based Language for Database Schemas HashiTalks: Build 2023

A talk from “HashiTalks: Build” 2023, an online HashiCorp event about building things around the HCP ecosystem. I talk about Atlas DDL, the Terraform-like data definition language we created for Atlas.

Bridging the Gap Between IaC and Schema Change Management Hebrew. HashiTalks: Israel, 2023

A talk from a local (Hebrew) HashiCorp event, “HashiTalks: Israel” where I talk about the gap between IaC and database migrations that led us to develop Atlas.

The Best Ways to (not) Crash Your Production Database Hebrew. Go Israel Meetup, 2022.

A talk from the Go Israel Meetup where I present how to do Continuous Integration for database schema changes, and share some of the cool Go gems I discovered and learned about along the way.